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How to Find the Secret EDZ Tunnel in Destiny 2 Using Hawkmoon | Trostland Tunnel

How to Find the Secret EDZ Tunnel in Destiny 2 Using Hawkmoon

With the reset a day earlier, the last thing players would have expected to find is a secret tunnel in EDZ and while the tunnel currently does not lead anywhere, it holds promise for the future, maybe a new quest. Yes, we are talking about the Trostland Tunnel. We do not know who discovered it first, but this guy on Reddit may be among the first few.

Here is what he had to say about the discovery, “I noticed that the black warp barrier was removed from the mysterious tunnel connecting the Trostland to the new Reservoir. I also noticed that the fireplace in the Trostland produced hit markers when shot, and had the idea of shooting it with a fully charged Hawkmoon. To my extreme surprise, the wall blew apart, opening up this tunnel! It ends at a closed door, please look around and see if you can find any quest triggers or something!”

You must know by now from the title, you can only bust open the secret EDZ tunnel with a Hawkmoon. Stick with us and we will show you how to find the secret EDZ tunnel/Trostland tunnel in Destiny 2 using Hawkmoon.

How to Find the Secret EDZ Tunnel in Destiny 2 Using Hawkmoon | Trostland Tunnel

The season of Hunt in Destiny 2 is nearing its end, with a few weeks remaining, Bungie could have held the best secrets for last. To get to the Trostland Tunnel or the Secret EDZ Tunnel in Destiny 2, players must first equip the Hawkmoon as it’s the only weapon that can bust through the wall and create the path. Once you have the weapon equipped, fly to Trostland. Make your way to the building with ABS Kastner sign – it’s a large building and you would not miss it. The front portion of the building is completely in ruins. For a detailed step, watch the video we have attached with the post.

Jump directly to the first floor of the building and on your left there is a fireplace, this is the entry to the secret new area. Blow it with your Hawkmoon and you have found the Secret EDZ Tunnel.

Now, crouch and enter the tunnel, it takes you to two different areas. The first area is with the laptop and another passageway from there takes you to the Reservoir. At the moment, nothing in the area is intractable.

Here is a video guide on how to get to the secret Trostland Tunnel in Destiny 2.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the new location as there might be something interesting in it during the few remaining weeks of Season of Hunt.     

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