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How to Find Provisions Containers in New World

How to Find Provisions Containers in New World

Sometimes it can get overwhelming with all the items you need to collect in New World, but the provisions containers are something you will need to find if you want to get involved in cooking once you return to your settlement. Provisions containers are spread throughout Aethernum and you can easily find them once you know their location. There are three types of provisions containers – provisions cache, provisions stockpile, and provisions crate. Keep reading and we will show you how to find Provisions Containers in New World.    

How to Find Provisions Containers in New World

Provisions Containers contain items that can be utilized in cooking such as salt, sugar, etc. and the containers in each region offer specific rewards such as in Reekwater you will get sugar, salt at Everfall, and so on.

To find Provision Containers in New World, visit Cooper’s Ranch in Windsward, but that’s just one location, you can find the containers throughout the game. You need to be on the lookout for deserted home and settlements. It’s inside these places that you can find any of the three provision containers.

If you visit an abandoned settlement and don’t find the item, make sure to revisit the area as the items respawn. If a player has already looted the area, there won’t be any for you to find, but as the item regenerates, you may find it on your second or third visit.

So, to find Provision Containers you need to find abandoned homes and settlements. That’s all we have in this guide. Check the game category for more guides and tips to play New World.      

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