How to Find Mirage Island in Blox Fruits

 How to Find Mirage Island in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, players have to find an island. It may sound like a story of a sci-fi thriller movie, but it is true that players have to find a place named Mirage Island in Blox Fruits, but this is what role-play games are all about. When the anime-themed game Blox Fruits launched on the Roblox platform, it rapidly became extremely popular among gamers. The Roblox platform is well-known for offering a wide variety of games to the community in order to provide the finest gaming experience possible. Blox Fruits is one such game that they have released in order to provide the role-playing gaming community and anime fans with a gaming experience mixed with a story and thrill based on the One Piece anime series, from providing the players with new quests to encountering NPCs and some mind-boggling rewards depending on the missions. Avatars, in-game titles, and other options are available to players. In this guide, we will talk about Mirage Island and also How to find it in the game. 

How to Get to Mirage Island in Blox Fruits(Roblox)

Mirage Island is a worthwhile searching place as it has lots of treasures hidden in it, and some rare fruit dealers also. Mirage Island is basically a triggered sea event.

The island is only spawned in the game for a few minutes, i.e., 15 minutes, and will again disappear in 15 minutes. So, players don’t have much time to find the place; they should be quick with their moves in the game.

The island is found by sailing in a boat; one thing players have to remember is that the island needs plenty of space in water to spawn, so do not sail around any island. 

The island will always spawn on the front side of the boat or in the boat’s direction. 

Going by the name island can trick the players by getting seen and then fading away.

Players can look for the island between Sea of Treats and Floating turtle specifically. 

When players find the island, jump on it and start searching for fruit dealer, fragment,s and mirage chests; as soon as you get on the island as it will disappear after 15 minutes, so be quick. 

The island will be foggy, making it difficult for the players to see clearly. 

It is one of the rarest sea events, so hold yourself up and search for it patiently.

To conclude, the island is not an easy task to get to, but it holds plenty of amazing rewards for the players; the above guide can be referred to make things a bit easy in the game. 

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