How to Find Leviathan in Valheim – Drops and Location Guide

How to Find Leviathan in Valheim - Drops and Location Guide

The Ocean biome in Valheim is not yet completed by the developers. We can expect a lot more to come in the next update, but the biome should still be explored for the chance to beat the Leviathan and the Serpent. While the Serpent is an aggressive creature the Leviathan or previously touted as Sea Turtle is a non-hostile creature. But, finding the creatures ensures that you obtain a rate metal in the game. Each biome in Valheim has one or more rare metals and to find the metal of the Ocean biome, you need to find turtle like creatures. So, if you are wondering how to find Leviathan in Valheim, keep scrolling.

How to Find Leviathan in Valheim

To find Leviathan in Valheim, we suggest that you craft the Longship and set sail in the ocean biome. With some luck, you will come across a large island in the middle of the ocean and that’s the Leviathan. You might have to do some searching as it takes a while before you come across the creature. As the game is procedurally generated and there are no markers in the ocean, that’s the best we can suggest.

However, if you are unable to find them and you don’t mind using cheats. You can open the command console with F5 and type imacheater. You can now enter the cheat spawn Leviathan to spawn the creature in your world.

Once you have found the creature, you need to be careful. Finding the creature does not assure you will be able to farm the creature for resources.

Valheim - Leviathan

How to Farm Chitin from Leviathan

The Leviathan is a non-hostile and shy creature. It will swim down the ocean floor when it detects the slightest sign of humans or when its Abyssal Barnacles are mined. You have to mine the Abyssal barnacles – the huge rocks on the back of the creature – to obtain chitin. You have about 20 seconds to mine the back of the Leviathan from the time your presence is detected by the creature. The drop rate of Chitin is 10%.      

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