How to Find Legendary Cores in Fallout 76

 How to Find Legendary Cores in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is an el Classico as far as action role-playing games are concerned. Realistic graphics challenging gameplay, and thrilling action make it one of the best games and make it worth playing. When you are there in the game playing with full intensity, you suddenly get to know that you have to turn normal items into legendary ones, but the problem is how to do so. We are here with the in-game guide of How to Find Legendary Cores in Fallout 76. 

How to get Legendary Cores in Fallout 76

To get the Legendary Cores, players simply have to complete different Events when they pop up, but how do you identify these events? These events are marked with an exclamation mark(!) on the map. The main ways of getting Legendary Cores are doing Daily Ops, participating in the season, and progressing in the scoreboard; the third one is doing seasonal events, and the fourth and last one is doing public events.

Now let us know how to complete them one by one.

Daily Ops

Daily Ops can be done easily by simply clicking on the map, then the world activity menu, and selecting Daily Ops. You just have to get elder rank when you are doing Daily Ops, whether it is decryption or uplink, both of them are almost the same. Players must complete it in eight minutes or less to obtain a certain number of Legendary Cores. It can only be done once a day. 

Daily Missions

Next is by participating in the season, playing the game on a daily basis, and by completing the daily challenges. So as you play the game and progress in the scoreboard, you will receive the Legendary Cores.

Seasonal Events

Third one is by doing seasonal events; on completing them, you will receive Legendary Cores as rewards.

Complete Public Events

Now, the last one is by completing public events; after players complete these, they will easily get the Legendary Cores as the reward.

In the end, players should complete these events because the rewards that they will receive are totally worth their time and they will definitely have an advantage over their competitors. Follow the above guide, complete the events, and get your hands on the Legendary Cores in Fallout 76.

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