How to Find Gleamy Ooblets in Ooblets

How to Find Gleamy Ooblets in Ooblets

From the initial few hours of play, Ooblets appears as an amazing game. It combines the creatures and battles of Pokemon, while the farm element of Harvest Moon. Gleaming Ooblets have the same concept as in the game Pokemon. A Gleamy Ooblets is similar to other Ooblets, but with a distinct color. All Ooblets come in three varieties – Common, Uncommon, and Gleam. Gleam are extremely hard to find. Hence, in this guide we will show you how to find and catch Gleamy Ooblets in the Ooblets game.

How to Find Gleamy Ooblets in Ooblets

Recognizing the Gleamy Ooblets is easy; they just don’t blend with the other creatures of their species and distinctively stand out due to their unique color. They also have a shining effect on them. But, not always, sometimes you have to recognize them by their color. All species of the creature come in three color and there is a specific color to the Gleamy Ooblets. So, you need to know the color to find them. The Almanac is a great place to check the colors of the Ooblets you have found.

Other than that, you have to rely on the shiny element. In the underworld, the shine is conspicuous and you cannot miss it.

Where to Find Gleamy Ooblets in Ooblets

As you begin each day, you have a chance of finding the Gleamy Ooblets in the town. You will receive a notification regarding the creatures that are available in town that day. If you can identify the Gleamy Ooblets, this is the best place to find them.

In the underworld, the shine on the Ooblets is obvious and you can easily get them. Once you have found the Gleamy Ooblets, you can proceed to catch them. You need to offer then vegetables or any other item they require for them to dance against it, much like any other dance battle. If you don’t have the item on you, rush to your farm and get it. However, if you miss a chance to catch them they will be gone and you won’t get the opportunity again until the next encounter.

That’s all we have in this guide, but finding the Gleaming Ooblets is very difficult and you always have to be on the lookout and investigate Badgetown. The Ooblets respawn each day, so you always have a chance. I have personally already found two of them in just a day’s play.       

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