How to Find and Use Remote Explosives in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 has several ways you can get your target, live making the chandelier fall on them or look like an accident, the classic sniper rifle shot, remote explosives just seem to be more pleasing them others. If you are looking for a stealth kill from a far off distance, then, you need to know about how to use remote explosives in Hitman 3. However, unlike other games, you cannot have the explosive on you. You need to find them in order to use them.

There are various types of remote detonation explosives in the game. Some have the ability to kill while other will just knock out the person. Keep scrolling through the guide to know more.

How to Use Remote Explosives in Hitman 3

Remote explosives are not easy to come by in Hitman 3, but every level in the game has them and are often carried by high level guards. If you look enough, you will surely find them in most levels. You will also get explosives at the start of a level, but that happens later in the game after you have levelled up.

How to Use Remote Explosives

After you have the explosive in your possession, equipping it is pretty simple. PC users can go to their inventory, find and select it. While players on PS4 can press X to equip it and Xbox users can click the A button. When you actually want to use the bomb at a location, just go to the location and drop it using the down button on the d-pad.

As you walk away from the bomb, you will notice a detonator in your hands. Make sure to get far enough before using the bomb. If you want to use it later while placed at the location, simply hit the upper button on the d-pad. If you want to make the bomb go, you can either use the RT or the R2.

That’s it using the remote explosive in Hitman 3 is a piece of cake, but getting one is difficult if you don’t start the mission with it. However, if you keep looking enough you will find it on most levels in the game.

Where to Find Remote Explosives in Hitman 3

Remote explosives are without any doubt one of the best ways to take out target in Hitman 3. It takes Agent 47 out of the picture while take care of the job. It is also less risky as you are not at the location of the kill, so less chance of getting caught. But, players are finding it difficult to find the bomb in the game.

To find remote explosives in Hitman 3, you will have to reach the level 20 mastery in the game. However, you can also get them at various locations of the game if you have not reached the roped level.

To get them in the game world, it’s best that you disguise yourself as a guard or a propaganda creator. It will allow you to move through the game without restriction and search for the bomb. While you are at it carry a lock pick with you. Go to the location of the school where Reza is kept hostage. Get to the front right of the building. On the 1st floor, you will see a room with a guard at the front. Head to the hallway and get into the next room to the guard’s. Pick the lock of the room and you will find the remote explosive on the table.

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