How to Find and Kill Hedge Broodmother Spider in Grounded (First Boss Location)

Where to Find and Fight Hedge Broodmother Spider (first boss) in Grounded
Image: ZaFrostPet

Grounded is so much about quests and discovery. It requires an inquisitive player to scan the map and find locations for rewards such as armor, weapons, and resources. The first boss in the game is not something you come by as you play the game. Instead, you have to seek it. Although the fight with Hedge Broodmother Spider not that difficult, getting to the location of the first boss spider is hard and dangerous. You have to maneuver through narrow and treacherous tree branches. Once you get to the location, the fight itself is easy with a ranged weapon.

Grounded: Find and Kill Hedge Broodmother Spider (Secret Location Guide)

To find the Hedge Broodmother Spider, you will have to head east to the very edge of the map on the berry tree. It’s quite a distance to cover. Since the way is difficult to explain, we have included a video from ZaFrostPet in the guide.

You have to check the map and make your way to the Kill Hedge Broodmother Spider. Even when you are away from the first boss, you will be able to see a Frisbee stuck in ranches. The Hedge Broodmother is on the Frisbee along with the Orbweaver. Look for the branch that goes directly over the Frisbee and start shooting the boss with arrows. The Orbweaver will come in between to block your arrows at the Broodmother. Keep hitting them both with arrows and eventually they will both dies. It takes a while and a lot of arrows. Once both the spiders are dead, you can jump on the platform. 2-3 more small spiders will attack you on the platform, but they are easy to kill.

Now, you can loot the bodies of both spiders, but there isn’t much you can get – noting special or unique.