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How to Fight a Protean in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Fight a Protean in Rainbow Six Extraction'

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction lets the player face over a dozen different types of enemies, and Proteans are the highest-tier of them all. They are the toughest of Archaeans, and what’s worse, they often mimic the looks and even the abilities and skills of a particular Operator of the game. They come across as a boss encounter, and it’s hard to tell where they spawn from. A fight with a Protean will teleport you to a completely new location to face them head-on in a closed-off space. So, how do we defeat them?

Protean Rainbow Six Extraction

There are three different types of Proteans in Rainbow Six Extraction: Alibi, Sledge and Smoke.

Luckily, players who play below the Cautious difficulty level will never encounter this enemy. Those who play on this level and above may or may not come across a Protean as they play, but if you really want to fight one, keep trying for an encounter on this level.

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Take Down a Protean in Rainbow Six Extraction

  1. Select Cautious difficulty or above and press play.
  2. Look for the objective called Gateway. If you have this, it is a guarantee that you will come across the Protean. These missions are randomly given to you and you may not always get it.
  3. Locate the Gateway as per the objective and activate it to be teleported to the Protean fighting arena.
  4. Fight and take down the Protean.

You will find Protean’s health bar on the top of the middle of your screen. They have a shield you will need to defeat first before you can damage them to affect their health bar. They have more HP than that of the other Archaeans so the fight will be tougher than usual. As they take the form of other Operators, they will have advanced skills as well. You have to fight them in an arena, so you cannot run away.

Tips to Help you Defeat a Protean in R6 Extraction

  • Search the surrounding area for useful pickups like health, ammo and REACT Tech that may have spawned for you to help with your fight.
  • Heal your teammates when they’re on low health.
  • Prepare for cover as they might shoot projectiles at you that you need to avoid and push you to take cover.
  • Make sure to stay out of their line of sight when they’re dealing out their powerful attacks.
  • More mobs will spawn so you need to keep an eye on them as well and constantly be on the lookout to kill them.
  • Supply crates will help you defeat it in a tight spot.

Furthermore, you will have a time limit to complete the mission, failing which your Operator will be MIA in the Protean area. You can finish the main mission without your Operator.

Protean Rainbow Six Extraction 1

On the plus side, if you finish this hefty side mission, you will receive a lot of XP which is a great way to level up quickly. So it’s definitely worth it to try taking down the Protean as a challenge.

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