How to Fast Travel in NieR Replicant

NieR Replicant does not have fast travel as you start the game. Even the system available is not the way you may be used to in other games. It does not feature a function that can allow you to zap to various parts of the map, but it has the second best thing – mounts as you start and boatman to ferry you to various locations in the second part of the game. You can mount a boar to travel to various parts of the game world, which is faster than doing it on foot. However, in order to get the mount or travel fast in the NieR Replicant, you need to complete an early quest called the “Boar Hunt!”

Keep reading through the post and we will show you how to fast travel in NieR Replicant using the Boar and accessing the boatman in the second part.  

NieR Replicant Fast Travel Guide

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to fast travel in NieR Replicant – using the Boar or the Boatman. To get the boar is your personal mountable animal, you need to complete the “Boar Hunt!” side quest.

Using Boar to Travel Fast

Once you are in the Village, speak to the villager on the shopping district’ Northern End. He would be sitting on a crate. He will give you the quest and share the location of the wild boar, which is Northern Plains. After you get to the area, the wild Boar can be found near the ‘The Aerie’ entrance. As soon as you come face to face with the boar, it will start attacking you. Kill the boar and the Boar Tusk will drop. Go back to the villager and claim your reward, which is 1,000 gold.

With the Boar Tusk in your possession, you can call a wild boar anytime you want, but not in the Village. To call a boar for riding, go to the Pause Menu > Orders > Animal > Call.

Unlocking the Boatman for Fast Travel

To have access to the boatman and travel to various settlements via the water, you need to reach the second part of the game where Popola will inform you that the canal has been fixed and a boatman will help you travel from one settlement to the other. If you open the mini-map, you can see the various locations where the boatman is available marked by triangle.

To travel between destinations, you need to go and talk to the boatman at the location marked on the mini-map, choose the destination, and he will ferry you around for free.

As you must know by now, the boatman also has his limitations and cannot help you travel everywhere you want. So, you can switch between the boatman and the boar to fast travel in NieR Replicant.    

Some of the places where the boatman does not take you includes the Aerie, Junk Heap, Façade, and Forest of Myth, but the boar can be used in some of these areas.

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