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How to Fast Travel in New World

How to Fast Travel in New World

Are you looking for Hemp Plants or want to complete quests as quickly as possible to reach the max level? If yes, then New World has a great tool – ‘Fast Travel’. Definitely, the fast-traveling option is an essential in-game that has a vast map, and New World is no exception. This is a great feature to get into any location in no time. However, it is NOT at all free. You will need to pay Azoth (The main currency of the New World) to use this feature. If you don’t know how to Fast Travel in New World and how much it will cost, go through the following guide.

How to Fast Travel in New World

Following are some of the simple and easy steps to follow. Here is how you can fast travel in New World.

1. Open up your map

2. Zoom out until you see the overall settlement icon and select where you would like to travel to

3. Then click on it, pay Azoth for fast traveling to your preferred location

4. And then select the Fast Travel option which you will see on the right-hand side

Some important points to note

  • Fast Travel tool works only at the settlements and every region has its own settlement you can visit.
  • Also, you must have visited that destination settlement at least once before.
  • If you cannot Fast Travel through the city hall, ensure that you are not hovering on the fort as you need to hover on the city mall only.
  • If you don’t have sufficient Azoth to travel to, you can collect them more by completing Corrupted Breaches. Another best way to collect Azoth is to bring down tough enemies.  

Cost of Fast Travel in New World

– 50 Azoth: If you are in a similar region as the settlement

– 75 Azoth: If you are not in the same region as the settlement

That’s how you Fast Travel in New World.

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