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How to Farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

How to Farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

We are mere hours from the Standard Edition release of Back 4 Blood and as you prepare for the game, it would be wise to know about the best farming methods for supply points. Supply Points in Back 4 Blood help you progress the Supply Lines, which help unlock various types of cosmetics, weapon skins, cards, etc. in the game.

Before you know how to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood, you should know that the game at its current state does not have solo progression, meaning that earning Supply Points and using them will be locked if you play solo. There has been much criticism about the mechanics and the devs have assured they are working to change the issue.

But, most players will be playing the multiplayer mode of the game and should know the best Supply Points farming method.

Back 4 Blood – How to Earn or Farm Supply Points

You can earn Supply Points in any of the modes (campaign, swarm mode, or quickplay) in the game except solos. To farm supply points or to earn them, you don’t have to do anything other than play the game and successfully complete campaign levels. As you progress, you will get automatically awarded with Supply Points that you can spend to extend the Supply Lines at Fort Hope after interacting with two NPCs.

So, the faster you progress through the game, the more supply points you earn. Completing certain chapters get you more Supply Points than others such as the final chapter of each Act. As the final chapter marks the completion of the Act, it rewards you with more Supply Points. So far, the final mission of Act 1 called “The Sound of Thunder” awards you the most Supply Points.

In fact, there is a Reddit thread, where the guy shows you how to complete the final mission. You can watch the video below.

Completing this mission will mark the end of Chapter and Act 1. It will reward you with a lot of Supply points. As you progress, you will come across the “Heralds of the Worm Part 1” mission in Act 2, which is also great for farming Supply Points. The mission requires you to take on an Orge, so go prepared with a Grenade deck.

These are just two examples to farm supply points. You do not need to do anything other than complete the missions and progress in the game to automatically get the Supply Points.  

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