How to Farm Mushrooms in Valheim

Farming in Valheim is one of the parts of the game and that can be very useful when creating our farms and persistent food sources, as well as the taming of wild animals. Nowadays, many players are curious to know whether or not they can farm Mushrooms? So, here we have prepared a guide to know how to farm Mushrooms in Valheim.

How to Farm Mushrooms in Valheim

In Valheim, Mushrooms can be eaten to recover health and stamina. Also, it can be used in other recipes. But unfortunately, we cannot farm it.

Mushrooms are not farmable but there are certain locations where you can find them. So far, Valheim doesn’t feature where you can grow Mushrooms on your farm. For now, Carrot and other vegetables are the only edible items which you can farm. 

However, Mushrooms can be gathered from the Black Forest Biome or the Meadows Biome. You can find them when roaming around the Biomes while playing the game. Usually, you can find them in Dungeons and Crypts in this game.

Also, if you’ve cleared out a burial cave, the yellow mushrooms respawn.

Mushrooms are important resources in several Mead recipes and grow back repeatedly. In Valheim, you can make farming plots by levelling the ground using a hoe, the players have no other options except for growing carrots and other few vegetables. Since this game is still in its emerging stage, developers might think to expand the farming inventory.

Types of Seeds to Grow and How to Get them

In Valheim, there is an enormous number of resources and food, but in terms of seeds and food that we can grow, we have the following available:

– Carrot seeds: found in the soils of Black Forest biomes (3 seeds are also obtained when collecting a cultivated carrot).

– Turnip seeds: they are found harvesting the turnip flowers that are in the Swamp biomes.

– Beech seeds: can be obtained randomly by cutting beech trees.

– Pine Seeds: Can be randomly obtained by cutting pine trees in Black Forest biomes.

– Fir Seeds: These can be obtained randomly by cutting fir trees in Black Forest biomes.

In addition to these seeds, it is also possible to plant one more food on the ground. This is Barley, which can only be grown and cultivated in the Plains biomes and is originally found in the Fuling villages around these areas.

That is everything you need to know about how to farm Mushrooms in Valheim. Do you want to know and learn more about Valheim? Do not miss to check out on our other blogs.

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