How to Farm Junk in Fallout 76

 How to Farm Junk in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is one of the most popular action-adventure games released in 2018. This game is set in an open world torn apart by nuclear weapons. Though you can explore the game world, you must be careful about radiation. In Fallout 76, players can have weapons that are vital things in action-adventure games, but along with that, players can also have Junks in the game that plays an essential role in crafting. So, this guide will help you know where you can farm Junk in Fallout 76.

Easy Ways to Get Junks in Fallout 76- Locations

In Fallout 76, survival is the most challenging task because the entire world, including the plants, also has radiation. Nothing is safe there. However, progressing through the game not only requires you to have weapons and kill enemies but crafting equipment, and repairing Gear, also play an essential role in progressing through the game. So, players need Junks. However, getting Junk is not easy in the game, and if you die in PvP or by AI enemies, you’ll lose all your junk.

However, if you are a new player, and looking for Junks in the game, below we have listed the most convenient methods-

Place Collectron Station in Your CAMP

If you have been playing the game, you definitely have your CAMP set up somewhere in the game, but you are probably unaware that you can set up a Collectron Station to get Junk and Scarps even when you are outside the CAMP.  Collectron Station can be purchased from the Vendors or the Atomic Shop in exchange for some Gold.

Additionally, if you have a Junk Pile near your Camp, you can place an Extractor near them to scrap the Junk. You can purchase and set both these mechanisms to collect Junk if you have enough Gold.

Search for Junks at Random Locations

Easy Ways to Get Junks in Fallout 76- Locations

Players can also get Junk from random places. Every item that you can scrap can be collected as Junk. So, visit random locations in search of Junk. If you are not looking for a particular Junk, you can collect as much as possible. Additionally, enemies also drop Junk. Almost every enemy you take down drops some Junk. So, defeating enemies is also a great option to get Junk.

Claim Workshops

The third and final way to get junk faster is to claim Workshops. The game has multiple workshops that are unclaimed, and players can claim them. However, not every workshop you claim will give you Junk. Instead, you have to claim those workshops that have junk piles outside them. For example- Gorge Junkyard, Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm, Red Rocket Mega Stop, Converted Munitions Factory, etc.

Easy Ways to Get Junks in Fallout 76- Locations

Once you have claimed a Workshop, you can set up a Collectron Station and Extraction near the Junk Pile to get Junk.

These are the fastest ways to farm Junk in Fallout 76. Ensure you have a stable Junk supply; otherwise, you can’t repair equipment or craft weapons.


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