How to Fall Asleep in Medieval Dynasty

In this game, your medieval life revolves around a lot of hard work, including hunting, building, and more. Therefore, sleep is also important for your survival. But how to sleep in the Medieval Dynasty? If you do not understand what to do first, then you will need this guide. Here we will talk about different ways to sleep in the Medieval Dynasty and restore your strength.

How to sleep in a Medieval Dynasty

There are two ways to do this. You can sleep in your home, and you can also even sleep without it. To do this, you will need a fire. Also, it is a faster and easier option if you compare it with another method.

How to build a fire

So, to build a basic campfire for sleeping at night, you will need sticks. 16 pieces, to be exact. Press Q, open the crafting wheel and go to the “Other” option. Here you will see the possibility to create a simple bonfire.

When you do, you will be able to light it by turning to it and pressing the e button. And how exactly to sleep? All you have to do is hold down the E and sleep right there.

The second way to make your character fall asleep is to build your first house. While it requires more resources and more effort, it’s a solid framework that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

How to build a sleep home in Medieval Dynasty

To build a simple house, you will need a few things. The resources you need to build a house in Medieval Dynasty are Log, Sticks, Straws, and Wooden Hammer. With a large amount of these materials, you need to choose a good location for your home.

You need to press Q and open the crafting wheel. There, select the option Build-Houses-Simple small house. Remember that it is impossible to place it near a village or on bumpy terrain. If you do this, you will see that the drawing shows you Red. When it’s Green, it means you can easily place it there.

Once you have settled on the location, you need to place the drawing. Create a basic structure from it, and to build a wall and roof, you will need more of the above materials. Now your next step is to equip a wooden hammer from your Inventory.

In this case, you need to go to the wall of the house and click the left mouse button. Do this for walls and roofs to use the available resources for construction. When you complete the process, you will have your first home. And inside you will have a bed and a cauldron. It comes with a bed that you can sleep on just by interacting with it. Here everything is very simple-press E and go to sleep.

In this guide, we discussed how to sleep in the Medieval Dynasty. You can sleep in your home if you are near your location. But if you’re far away and need somewhere to sleep, a campfire is best.

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