Lost Judgment

How to Evade Attacks in Lost Judgment

How to Evade Attacks in Lost Judgement

Lost Judgment is the latest and probably the best story from RGG Studio. Battle animations are given considerably more flair, with Yagami eye-catching powerful poses in between the attacks. However, it is very important to take less damage during the battle and so you should know how to evade attacks in Lost Judgment. Quickstepping lets you elegantly evade the attacks from your enemies. Also, you will need to know and use quickstepping as it will help to minimize the number of damages you are taking. So, let’s learn how to Evade attacks in Lost Judgment.

How to Evade Attacks in Lost Judgment

In order to perform quickstep, you need to hold down R1 and maintain a fighting posture. When you do this, wait for a few seconds and let enemies attack you, and then press X while pointing the left stick in that direction where you want to perform quickstep.

If you will do it properly at the right time, you will be able o evade attacks perfectly. Then, you are allowed to attack your enemies before they will be able to recover their guard.

Also, you can improve the ability of your guard in Lost Judgment. Each style offers several skills and abilities that will improve the guard of Yagami.

The Tiger has Perfect Guard, Guard Roll, and Re-Guard, while Crane has Projectile Counter Blue Flame and Projectile Counter. And finally, Snake has Threatening Parry and Overwhelming Parry. Since you can count on your guard completely, it is recommended to purchase these as early as possible, especially when you are struggling to survive in the battles.

That’s all you need to know How to Evade Attacks in Lost Judgment. Also learn, How to Use and Upgrade Guard in Lost Judgment.

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