How to Equip Titles in Blox Fruits

 How to Equip Titles in Blox Fruits

Roblox platform is known for offering a wide range of games to the community, and providing them with the best gaming experience is what they focus on. Blox Fruits is one such game that they have launched to treat the role-playing gaming community and anime fans with an experience of gaming mixed with a story and the thrill based on the One Piece anime series, from offering the players with new quests to encountering NPCs, some mind-blowing rewards based on the quests. Players are able to change their avatars, in-game titles, and so much more. Sometimes players need clarification with solving these quests, or using certain features of the game like changing titles, etc. We are here with the solution, so in this guide, we will show the players how to equip titles in Blox Fruits.

Title Equipping in Blox Fruits(Roblox)

Titles are distinguishing features of the players in the game, and sometimes they also represent the personality of the players or their way of playing the game; to be more precise, sometimes there is an abundance of titles in the game that players may and should collect. These titles can be unlocked after completing certain quests, or sometimes players might need some special NPCs to follow in the game to unlock the feature. 

In Blox Fruits, players can get these titles by completing Titles Specialist, which players will find in the Cafe and also inside the Mansion located at the Third Sea, and players will identify it quickly as it will have the avatar of Axorie, who is a popular Blox Fruits Youtube content creator.

By using it, players can easily change and even disable their titles for others to see.

Players will find this NPC in the Second Sea Cafe and the Third Sea Mansion situated at the First Sea Middle Town. They will find him behind the Bar in the Cafe.

Approach towards the left side of the Cafe, pick the chest, and open the basement of the cafe.

Go down using the ladder.

You will find him in the front only.  

Show him, the list of the titles that you have unlocked so far.

From here, you can easily equip, unequip, or disable your unlocked titles.

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