How to Enable or Disable Keyboard Vibration on iPhone

Mycle Ahir
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Typing on a virtual keyboard is now a major use case on mobile devices and it is not going away anytime soon. In fact, typing on a virtual keyboard may be the main reason why many of you might have bought your phone. However, one of the lesser talked about features around the keyboard is keyboard vibration. This vibration helps in giving you tactile feedback when you are typing. Why do you prefer to have keyboard vibrations on or off? Here we will look at how to enable or disable keyboard vibration on iPhone.

Steps To Enable or Disable Keyboard Vibration

This can be accomplished by installing a third-party keyboard. We can do this using Gboard in your iPhone’s settings. So, here’s how to enable keyboard vibration. For that first you have to download and install Gboard. Download and install Gboard from App Store.

  1. Open your iPhone and Navigate to Settings.
  1. Go to the ‘General’ Option in Settings.
  2. Then, Scroll down and select Keyboard.
  3. Go to Keyboard.
  4. Then, select Add a New Keyboard.
  5. Select ‘Gboard’ There.
  6. Then, again, tap Gboard and allow for Full Access > Accept.

 Now it will enable Gboard on your iPhone. You can Enable or Disable Keyboard Vibration in Gboard settings.

To Enable Vibration in Gboard Follow the Steps

  1. Launch the Gboard app and select Keyboard Settings.
  1. Navigate down and press the button next to Enable Haptic Feedback on Keypress, as shown in the image.
  2. Make sure it turns blue. It should also be the only setting that is turned off.

You can return to the default iOS keyboard without having to uninstall the Gboard app. So that’s how you turn on or off keyboard vibration on your iPhone. Please leave your thoughts on Qm games in the comments section.

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