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How to Enable Crossplay and Invite Friends in Rocket Arena

How to Enable Crossplay in Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena – the new game from EA has launched on multiple platforms. So, does the game have the Crossplay functionality. The answer is yes! You can play Crossplay with players on other devices. But, first you need to know how to enable Crossplay in Rocket League. You won’t have access to Crossplay as you jump in the game as it’s disabled by default, but by following a simple path you can enable Crossplay. Read the guide further to play with anyone irrespective of their device.

How to Enable Crossplay in Rocket Arena

To enable Crossplay in Rocket Arena, you need to open the Options Menu. You can find the menu at the top right corner regardless of where you are in the menu. The menu appears as an icon with three bars.

Enable Crossplay Rocket Arena

After you click on the Options Menu, a list of tabs appear on the screen – Games, Audio, Controller, Account, and Accessibility. Go to the Game tab and the first option is Crossplay. It will be disabled by default. You can enable it from here. When try to enable, you will be prompted with a message that basically describes what Crossplay does. Accept the prompt and you will see Crossplay enabled on your screen.

Quick Steps to Enable Crossplay in Rocket Arena

Here are the exact steps you can follow.

  1. Launch the game
  2. Click on Options Menu
  3. Go to Games tab
  4. Enable Crossplay.

How to Invite Friends in Rocket Arena

After you have enabled Crossplay in the game, the next step is to invite friends on other devices like console or PC. Since the game features a 3v3 multiplayer, you can invite up to two friends to join you in your conquest. But, before you invite friends in Rocket Arena, you need to add the player like most other games.

To add a friend in the game, go to the Discovery tab and search for the gamertag of the player, the EA, PSN, or Steam ID. Once you find your friend, add them and you can invite them to join you in the game from the Friend and Party tab.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know how to activate Crossplay in Rocket League and invite friends to play with you.

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