How to Enable Auto Loot in Outriders

Like any looter-shooter, there is a lot of loot involved in Outriders dropped by enemies. The quality of the loot depends on the strength or toughness of the enemies. If you browse through the settings, you will notice the Auto Loot option. So, you must be wondering if enabling the auto loot option will automatically pick up the loot that’s dropped in the field. In theory, it a neat feature of the game.

You do not have to go to the items individually to pick them up. Instead, they are auto added to your inventory as soon as you leave the arena. Here is how to enable Auto Loot option in Outriders and what’s the best Auto Loot option to choose.

How to Auto Loot in Outriders

Once you are in the Options menu of the game, you will find the Auto Loot Minimum Rarity in the fourth tab. There are five options you can select from – Common, Unusual, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Outriders - Auto Loot Minimum Rarity

By selecting the above options, the game Auto Loots the class of the loot. So, it depend on you and the class of weapon you want to auto loot. Enable that settings. However, it does not matter what settings you choose because the auto loot feature of the game does not work. We have tested it and finally gave up. It just done not pick up loot automatically even when you are right in front of the loot.

So, at the current stage of the game, you would not want to miss out on loot by enabling the option. Instead, use the manual interact and pick up to claim the loot. That’s it for this guide, check out the game category for more.

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