How to Eat In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Cooking and eating are a part of Monster Hunter Rise. Although they may be as intricately woven into the game as some survival games. Stamina is something you have to manage in the game and it works the same as the previous titles in the series. You eat to gain Stamina and if the Stamina falls below the minimum, you won’t be able to do much. Having the max stamina allows you to perform combo actions more than once. So, in that sense, eating maybe the most essential aspect as the game as it’s tied to your fighting ability. So, you must be wondering how to eat in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). There are a few ways which we will discuss in the post.

Monster Hunter Rise – How to Eat

Monster Hunter Rise is rich with the amount of options for food. You can carry food in your inventory that you can eat at any time. Then, there are specific destinations in the game such as Canteen that can be accessed in various ways to obtain food and quest rewards. You can also hunt in the game for meat, but the meat needs to be cooked and is one of the best sources for stamina. Here are the various ways to eat food in Monster Rise.

If you have food in your inventory, eating it is similar to using any other item, access the Item Bar by holding the L and, use the Y and A to scroll and arrive at the item, leave L and press Y.

The Canteen will be you main destination to eat in the game and the special item on offer are Dango. They come with various flavours with different perks. As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock different flavours. To buy Dangos from the Tea Shop, you can use cash, points, or meal tickets.

Three Dangos are offered on a stick and you can choose your own flavours. As you progress more flavours will be added to the menu.

Besides the Dango Canteen, there are some food you can craft and others you can hunt. You can hunt Bombadgy and other creatures in the game for meat. Once you have the meat, you need to cook it using the BBQ Spit. Before you start to cook sheath your weapon. Press and hold L, select the Spit and place it on the ground. Place the meat on the BBQ Spit and wait for it to be cooked. The meat can get burnt, so don’t get distracted.

So, this is how to obtain food and eat it in Monster Hunter Rise.         

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