How to Easily Solve Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Statue Puzzles

As you embark on the Sunken Pearl quest, you will come across the first puzzle quite early. These puzzles can be daunting, but manageable. To complete the quest, you will have to solve a total of 4 puzzles. The first puzzle requires you to rearrange the mermaid statues in a particular order. If you are having a hard time with the puzzles, we will show you how to solve Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl puzzles easily.

Sea of Thieves – How to Easily Solve Sunken Pearl Statue Puzzles

While the quest has a lot of other things like fighting enemies, exploring, and more, it’s the puzzles that have been the most troubling for players. Here is how to solve all the four puzzles.

Note: To identify the right status, look the other hand, they all have a different item in their hand and the common trident. The fourth statue is larger, so it can be easily distinguished from the  others.  

Puzzle 1: After fighting the enemies called by Mysterious Voice

After defeating the Ocean Crawlers that the Mysterious Voice calls, they will drop the Siren Heart. Take the Siren Heart and head to the largest status, it has a place empty on the chest. When you approach you will get the prompt to return the heart. Do it and look around the place, you will see the drawing of four sirens on a large rock. It’s hard to miss as their hands glow with the trident.

Puzzle 1 Status
Statue Puzzle 1

So, you need to arrange the four status in the posture indicated on the wall. You can interact with the statues by hitting them with your weapon. Start with the first status and hit it a few times, so you know the rotation of the arm. Go over all the first three statues and rearrange them. Finally, when you come to the fourth with the conch, it is already positioned correctly. Hit it with your weapon and if you have done everything right, you will automatically rise above as water fills below in the cavern.

Puzzle 2: The rising water takes you to the second

When the cavern is filled with water and you are risen up, you will come upon the second puzzle. It’s identical to the first in terms of what needs to be done. You need to again rearrange the statues as per the drawing on the wall, but the only difference is this time you have to dive underwater.

Status Puzzle 2
Statue Puzzle 2

The second puzzle is easier to solve as all the three smaller statues are positioned in the same way. Go under water and position them. Hit the large status again with your weapon and return to the second picture puzzle. You will see a geyser erupt in front of the painting, ride it to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 3: When you are propelled by the geyser

When you arrive, you can see ammo crates aside from other things. Expect to encounter and fight enemies at the third level of the puzzle, but it’s nothing you can’t manage. The third puzzle is quite similar to the first, except that one of the statues is beyond your weapons reach. When you finish fighting the Ocean Crawlers, a Siren Heart will drop, take it to the big statue and place it.

Status Puzzle 3
Statue Puzzle 3

Rearrange all the statues that are in your reach as per the picture on the stone. Go to armory box that’s on the level and you will find the weapon that can interact that with the statue you can’t reach. Hit the big statue with your weapon and the horn will blow, the water will start to rise.

Look for the large backbone of some animal and climb on it. Use it to climb the stones and you will come upon some wooden steps, go past the water screen to enter a new area.

Puzzle 4: Final Puzzle

Before the fourth puzzle, there is a brief conversation with the Mysterious Voice and then she send her Royal Guards to apprehend you. Deal with the guards and the last guard will drop a Siren Heart. At this point use the Jack’s compass and go to the stone wall. Place the Siren Heart in the cheats of the right statue.

Statue Puzzle 4
Statue Puzzle 4

Now, rearrange the two statues to match the status on the wall and shoot the third larger statue above to blow the horn and complete the puzzle.

That’s it, you have completed all Sunken Pearl Statue Puzzles in Sea of Thieves and can proceed to the next stage.         

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