Lost Judgment

How to Earn More SP in Lost Judgment

How to Earn More SP in Judgment

Lost Judgment offers players several gadgets and skills to experiment with when the game begins. In order to progress and level up in the game, you will need to collect several Skill Points (SP) which you can also use to upgrade abilities in many skill trees. However, gaining SP can be a slow process if you have no idea how to do it properly. In the below guide, we will learn how to earn more SP in Lost Judgment.

How to Earn More SP in Lost Judgment

There are several ways to earn more and more SP in Lost Judgment, check out the following methods.

1. Invest in the Battle Bonus skills

To make several of SP, you will have to spend them first. This way, you can multiply SP easily with the Battle Bonus skill. When you invest in the first tier of Battle Bonus, Yagami earns 50% more SP after a fight. And then the skills will be upgraded until the private eye ranking eventually in an extra 300% Skill Points after each battle. There are a total of 6 levels to acquire Battle Bonus and so you will need to invest a total of 157,500 SP.

2. Utilize EX Moves When Possible

Use EX moves and you will get a chance to earn some more Skill Points in the process. Invest SP in some quick EX bar increases and so you can release Yagami’s signature attacks easily and quickly.

3. Mix Up Fighting Styles and Be aggressive in the combat

This game rewards those players who are imaginative and aggressive in the battle and that is one of the easiest ways to earn some more SP in Lost Judgment. Also, make sure to mix up and shift fighting styles that include Snake, Tiger, and Crane – All of these styles are useful to earn more SP. If you will do it well, you can earn more than 1,000 SP from a single battle.

4. Complete Side Missions

Some lengthy missions might be requiring more thinking than punching but they are very helpful. Also, that provides some interesting extra cash and Yagami will also get paid several of SP after solving a mystery successfully.

5. Drink Hug Bombs

If you want some instant SP, then drink a Hug Bomb can if it is available in your inventory. It can give you a bonus of 300 SP and the Hug Bomb Omega drink will award you thousands of more points when you consume it and can be obtained as a random reward from enemies.

That’s how you can Earn More SP in the Lost Judgment.

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