How to Earn Franchise Staff Points in Madden 22

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Madden 22 has very few hours left to release for those fans who have already pre-booked Dynasty and MVP editions. However, the full version will be released for all on 20th August 2021. There are different types of points you will need to acquire to progress the game. One of the important points which we are going to talk about today is ‘Franchise Staff Points’. Many players want to know everything about Madden 22 and one of the things players are curious to know is that what is the Franchise Staff Points and how to earn them. If you have the same questions, here are the simple answers.

How to Earn Franchise Staff Points in Madden 22

In this game, Staff Points can be utilized to upgrade tree traits for coaches and the Tree Trait is a very essential trait that each coach holds. And there is a wide range of upgrades you will want to get to boost up the attributes of the respective coach.  

In Madden 22, Staff Points are very essential as you can use them to buy Talents. Now, you must be wondering how to earn Franchise Staff Points in Madden 22.

In order to earn Franchise Staff Points in Madden 22, you only need to play the game simply, complete gameday goals which you have selected, and also make sure to complete scenarios. These goals include multiple touchdowns in the first half of the game, winning your game with 15 or more points, etc.

And if you can meet these goals, you can then get Staff Points which can be utilized to upgrade traits, as mentioned above.

However, these points are gathered in a single pool so anytime you can upgrade your coach on your staff. The expense of these talents can be adapted in the league settings, allows for better flexibility.

It is important to note that you cannot purchase the Staff Points by using real money.

Hope everything is clear about How to Earn Franchise Staff Points in Madden 22.

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