How to do 1-2 Pass in FIFA 22

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FIFA 22 brings several changes in FIFA 22 and one of the changes they bring is Passing mechanics. One of the important things you should know and learn is how to do 1-2 Pass in FIFA 22. This 1-2 passing method is all about passing the ball to any of your players and then immediately getting it again after running into space. This is an effective and quick move against center-back pairing that gives you an easy and quick one-on-one with the keeper. Essentially, 1-2 Passing is very easy to perform once you know how to do it. Here is how do you do a one-two pass in FIFA 22.

How to do 1-2 Pass in FIFA 22

In order to perform 1-2 Pass in FIFA 22, all you need to do is to simply hold down LB on your Xbox One or Xbox X|S Series OR press L1 if you have PS4/PS5 series and then press the pass button by (A/X) at the same time. Then, use the Analog-stick and control where you want your player to pass first.

Once the pass is performed, that player will run into a certain space or do the goal. Now, you need to press A/X in order to pass the ball back to your first player. It is important to note that you keep LB/L1 pressed down throughout the entire process, or a 1-2 pass will not perform effectively.

1-2 pass method is very important for you to know especially when you are certainly requiring to use it to make goals for certain weekly objectives in FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode. That comes at least once a year.

We hope, now you have learned how to master your 1-2 passing skills in FIFA 22.

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