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How to Disable Screen Shake in Marvel’s Avengers

How to Disable Screen Shake in Marvel’s Avengers

Before the launch of the game, developers were hard at work fixing some of the bugs in the game and add some much needed functionality to the game. Few of added features include the motion blur, improved loot, and the option to disable screen shake. While playing the game, users have been complaining of the excessive screen or camera shaking, especially when you are playing as Hulk. The screen shaking made it difficult for the user to see what’s going on in the game. Therefore, the developers have added an option to turn off screen shaking. Stick around and we show should you how to disable screen shake in Marvel’s Avengers.   

How to Disable Camera Shake in Marvel’s Avengers

The camera shake in the game makes it very difficult to focus on the game and hampers the gameplay. Hence, you should either disable it or adjust it for less shake. The game provides you can option to scale the screen shake.  

In order to turn off camera shake or adjust it, go to the Options menu, then, to the CAMERA tab and look for the SHAKE SENSITIVITY, set it to ‘zero’ to disable it or keep it at 2 for a balanced effect.

The best option and for improved gameplay, you should turn off the screen shake completely. The default settings of the camera in the game is not so great and the last thing you want to encounter is running into things or missing out an attack or the worst being unable to dodge enemy attacks effectively.

How Do You Turn Off Screen Shake in Marvel’s Avengers

Follow the below steps and you will be able to turn off the Screen shake in no time.

  1. From the Main menu, go to the options menu. You can also go to the options menu from the in-game pause
  2. Go to the CAMERA tab
  3. Look for the Shake Sensitivity and set it to Zero.

This will effectively disable the camera shake in the game and you can enjoy a smooth gameplay. That’s all we have in this guide. Do check out the game category for more helpful guides and error resolution.

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