How To Disable or Turn Off YouTube Shorts Permanently

Mycle Ahir
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YouTube Shorts is one of the most revolutionary additions to YouTube, following the global trend of short videos. It has amassed a sizable user base. 

Youtube Shorts is a great way to waste your time when you are supposed to be creating. Are you getting annoyed with those annoying and irrelevant youtube shorts you want to disable permanently? Thankfully, Disabling Shorts is easier. Follow these steps to disable or turn off youtube shorts permanently.

Steps To Disable Youtube Shorts Permanently

There are various methods through which one can disable youtube shorts permanently. We will discuss a few of them, But here is the easiest way to do this.

Downgrade or Factory Reset

Download and install the Previous version of youtube with no Shorts feature in it or factory reset the existing YouTube app. To do that, here are some easy steps.

Step 1: Open your Mobile’s Settings.

Step 2: Go to Apps or the Manage Apps option (Vary with devices)

Step 3: Then, choose the YouTube app.

Step 4: Find and Select Uninstall Updates Option in the Window.

Step 5: The Old version of youtube will roll out on your device and there will not be a shorts feature in it.

Use Youtube in Browser

The other easy way is to use the youtube browser. Youtube shorts feature is only available in the youtube app, so anyone can disable it by accessing youtube on a desktop or mobile browser. Browser youtube in your device browser, but if you’re unable to do this then simply go to your browser settings and then to apps. Select youtube and disable it. By doing this your browser will not redirect you to the Youtube application.

By Removing Shorts From Youtube Settings

Youtube Shorts can be Permanently disabled by an Option in youtube settings, but his option is only available to some limited users, Check the option by following the steps, and if you have it available then disable it. Here are steps to disable youtube shorts in Settings.

Step 1: Open your Youtube

Step 2: Click on the profile icon at the top to access YouTube Settings.

Step 3: Then, in the settings, go to General and deactivate the shorts Option.

Step 4: It will disable YouTube’s Shorts feature.

Step 5: Relauch Your youtube app, and the Shorts video feature will be removed.

So this is how you can deactivate the youtube shorts on your mobile. If you liked it then share your reviews in the comments and if you’re still facing any issues then please ask us in the comments.

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