How to Destroy or Kill Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans

How to Destroy or Kill Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans

When you are closer to the end and before the fight with Silhouette – the final boss – you have to destroy Robo-Prez in the objective ‘Fight humanity’s last ditch effort.’ The mission starts with a cut-scene video when you realize that Silhouette is actually a chick. She initiates the fight by commanding Robo-Prez to initiate the ‘Dirty Tricks mode.’ The fight can be overwhelming and you may have to restart the game several times. Robo-Prez has a range of lethal attacks and it’s essential that you budge them all while marinating a safe distance to beat the robot. Players are wondering how to achieve this feat. Stick around as we will show you how to destroy or kill Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans.

How to Destroy or Kill Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans

If you want to beat Robo-Prez, you have to use all arsenal you have from the get go. It takes quite some time before the robot is defeated. It’s huge size makes it an easy target, but it’s array of attacks makes the process difficult and dodging the slaughter near impossible. Thankfully, you will be on your ship when you fight.

Since you will be using the saucer for this fight, it’s best that you upgrade it to the highest level possible. Some of the areas you need to focus is the reflecting ability to send projectiles flying away, laser beam, and the health of the ship. At this point, you should note that you cannot save the game at any of the three stages of the boss fight. So, if you die, you will have to return to the initial point and start all over again. This makes the final phase of the game the most difficult so far in Destroy All Humans.  

Strategy Guide to Kill Robo-Prez

As soon as Silhouette initiates the ‘Dirty Tricks mode’ the fight is on and you should quickly return and board your saucer. Keep in mind to avoid the fires or you may die even before the fight starts.

Once you are on the ship, start firing on Robo-Prez with lasers. One of the go-to weapons that the robot relies on is flair like shots and occasionally spawns balloons with mines. Dodge the flares and destroy the mine balloons as soon as they spawn. This is the only two attacks which Robo-Prez uses during the initial stage of the fight and are quite easy and weak.

After taking some damage, the robot will start to fire a laser beam. It’s essential that you don’t get hit by the laser or it can deal heavy damage. All the while, keep targeting the chest of the robot with the laser fire. This is a weak spot of the robot. If you manage to hit the chest at least once during the fight it will open the optional objective for this level.

Even with all the dodging, you will take some hits and it will reduce your health, so you need to ensure you have health. You can zap energy from the two vehicles on the right and the mechs firing at you. It will provide you with a good amount of health. During the fight, you will see quite a number of vehicles, always zap them and take their energy. Energy from mechs that fire at you provide a substantial health so don’t destroy them until you have their energy.

After Robo-Prez takes a good amount of damage it will fall to its knees. When it’s on its knees it cannot take any damage so use the time to zap vehicles and restore health. Once it stands up, it will start to run to a new area, follow it and keep firing.

If you follow, he will pass through a path of sonic boom ammo, use it to attack the Robo-Prez. The robot will stop right before the bridge and spawn a lot of mine balloons. Destroy the SAM turrets that are already there and the mine balloons. This stage can get a bit tough as the spawn rate of mine balloons increases, SAM turrets, tracking missiles, it starts using two laser beams (if you come between the two it can deal large damage), and flares. With all the combination of attack, this stage is truly difficult, but nothing impossible.

Start by destroying all the mine balloons and SAM turrets all the while dodging the flare attack and laser beam. When the robot lift the arms, it will shoot out the seeking missiles. If you stray far from the robot in search of health, it will send out the targeting or seeking missiles.

If you have already upgraded the reflect power to maximum, the seeking missiles will be sent back to Robo-Prez after causing a little damage to you. Some of the things you have to continue doing at all stages of the fight is to destroy the mine balloons, dodge as much attacks from flares and beams as possible, and continue hitting the chest.

As mentioned earlier, mechs are great for boosting health and every once in a while you will see one. So, don’t destroy it immediately, but zap it’s energy first. Also, there are vehicles on the bridge that you can use for energy.

If you continue with your efforts, once again the robot will fall to its knees. When it rises again, it will start running and stop at the Pentagon. You will again have the opportunity to use the sonic boom in the way to fire at the robot.

Again, you can apply the same strategy as before to counter Robo-Prez. But, watch-out for the heath as it can quickly go down due to the large amount of mine balloons and SAM turrets. Start by destroying SAM turrets and mine balloons. At this stage, dodging the fire becomes pivotal as you do not have much options to regain health. The fire of the Robo-Prez will intensify at this stage.

If you keep at it within a few minutes the Robo-Prez will be defeated. That’s all we have in this guide on how to defeat, destroy, or kill Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans. You can check the other guides and tricks here.

Once you have defeated Robo-Prez, the immediate next challenge after a cutscene video is the fight with Silhouette – the final boss. Read all about how to defeat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans.