How to Delete Quora Account

Do you want to know how to delete Quora account permanently? You may want to do it for a bunch of reasons. You have created the account by mistake or in concern with the recent data breach of Quora. The Q&A platform recently announced a breach of data where 100 million user data, which includes the user name, password, personalization data, questions, blog posts, and other information shared on Quora were compromised or you simply created an account to access the answers on the platform and don’t use Quora anymore.

Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to get rid of the account if you do not use Quora. In this blog, I will also instruct you on how to remove Quora from Google account, so the Gmail ID is no longer associated with Quora and all details are removed.

So, let’s start the guide.

A Quick Guide on Deleting Quora Account

  1. Visit and log-in the account.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on Privacy and Scroll Down
  4. Select Delete Account (enter the password and click on Done)

Deleting your Quora account is as simple as that, but given the importance of the topic in light of the data breach. We have composed a detailed guide that takes you step-by-step on how to delete your Quora account.

Note: Quora takes 14 days to remove all data related to your account. If you log in the account within the 14 days your ‘Delete Account’ request will be suspended and the account with all its details will be restored.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Delete Quora Account

Quora Log-in page
  • Once you are in your account, click on your profile picture to display a drop-down menu.
Quora profile menu
  • Once the drop-down menu opens, find settings from a list of options and click on it.
Quora settings
  • If you have connected other social media accounts, it would be displayed here, remember to disconnect them and change their password, if you are deleting the account in fear of data compromising.
Social Accounts Connected to Quora
  • Once you have done that, click on Privacy to open a bunch of privacy setting which includes Privacy Settings, Inbox Preferences, Comment Preferences, Translation Preferences, Content Preferences, and Delete or Deactivate Your Account.
Quora privacy
  • Now scroll down the page to find Delete or Deactivate Your Account. You have the option to deactivate the account, which would not remove any personal data, but will only temporarily deactivate the account. To delete the Quora account permanently, you need to select Delete Account. Click Delete Account.
Delete Quora account
  • You would be prompted to Enter Password. Fill the Password field with your Quora account password and click on Done.
Delete done quora
  • The Delete button will appear, click on it.
Delete quora
  • A new window will appear with the warning that the Profile and content will be removed from Quora. Also, that logging in again in the account will reactivate the account. Once again, click the Delete button and your account will be deleted. You will immediately be directed to the home page of Quora. Do not log in again during the next 14 days and your account will be deleted.
confirm account deletion

Set-up New Password to Delete Quora Account

  • In case you have logged-in using Google sync, you need to follow additional steps. Click on ‘create an account password’
create an account password - Quora
  • Check the Gmail email you have used for logging in for an mail from Quora with the steps to reset the password. Click on the link, which appears as ‘’
  • Enter the new password and click on Reset Password
reset password
  • You have successfully reset the password, follow the same steps from 1 to 7 and your Quora account will be deleted permanently.

Now that you know how to delete Quora account, the same guide also works if you want to know how to remove Quora from Google account.

Reasons to Reconsider Not Deleting your Quora Account

Unless you want to delete the Quora account due to data breach, this is a great platform and Quora has successfully resolved the issue. Quora has recently crossed 300 monthly active users per month, which places it in the same league as the big social media names such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Here are some reasons you should be using Quora.

  • Learn about the topics that interest you from real experts
  • Teach people about the things you know
  • Become an industry thought leader
  • It’s completely free to use
  • Read real reviews of real people about products and services

Why Marketers Should Care About Quora

As a marketer, if you are reading this guide on how to delete your Quora account, I suggest you delete it but immediately create a new one for the following reasons.

  • Quora answers appear in SERP
  • The Q&A platform helps you understand your audience
  • A great place to generate content ideas for the company blog
  • Discover industry experts and get their insights
  • Recognize the trend
  • Manage your online reputation and customer service
  • Market your content
  • Gain key insights on competition
  • Drive social media traffic

Wrapping Up

With this, we end the blog hoping that you now know how to delete your Quora account in a few simple steps. Here is a link to the Official Quora Page for Account Deletion.


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