How to Delete Character | Outriders

How To Delete Character - Outriders

We have created four characters in Outriders, but haven’t tested the maximum number of characters you can create. It seems you can create sufficient number of characters to test the game in various ways. However, at some point you may want to delete some characters you have created. Fortunately, the game allows you to conveniently do that. Some users are wondering if they keep the items or not after deleting a character. We will answer that and show you how to delete character in Outriders.    

Outriders | How to Delete Character

Deleting a character in Outriders is quite simple. You have to go to the character creation screen to delete the character. You can go there from the lobby. Here are the steps you can follow the delete character.

  1. Go to the Lobby (if you are in-game press Esc and select RETURN TO LOBBY, hit E to confirm)
  2. Once in the Lobby, press Esc or click on the Change Character at the bottom right
  3. Point to the character you want to delete with the mouse and right-click to select the character
  4. Keep the mouse cursor on the character you want to delete and press and hold the Delete button.
  5. That’s it, the character will be deleted.

Note: Once a character is deleted you cannot get it back. There is no prompt, if you hold the delete button for long enough the character will be gone.

Do you keep items if you delete characters?

There is a vault where you can store the weapons you have obtained, but that’s part of the main game and not available at this time in the demo. So, if you delete a character in the demo all the weapons and gear obtained would be lost and you would have to start afresh with the character.

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