How to Defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Antara B
Antara B

Boss fights are the most thrilling part of an action role-playing game, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is no exception. Its demo version is already running, and players have jumped into the game to explore the world as much as possible. However, as you progress, naturally, you will encounter challenging enemies, and Zhang Liang, General of Man, is one of them. If you get stuck while fighting this enemy, we will help you know how to defeat him.

Guide to Beat Zhang Liang, General of Man- How to Do?

In RPGs, challenging enemies make the game more thrilling and exciting. You can’t expect to have an RPG that doesn’t have any challenging enemies. In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Liang, General of Man, is the first challenging boss players will encounter, and this fight can give hard times to the most experienced players.

Before you start the fight, be prepared, as this fight will have two phases. This fight will really test your skills. This boss has several attacks, and they deal massive damage. If you fail to dodge or deflect them, you’ll be killed within two or three attacks. So, don’t come for this fight unless your deflection and dodge skills are excellent. This boss is aggressive from the beginning and starts attacking you with its hammer-type weapon.

The more the fight progress, the boss will start using slam attacks and other attacks that must be dodged or deflected. Each of the boss’ attacks has a clear indication that you must notice and decide to dodge or deflect it accordingly. Before the boss lands a critical attack, he will glow red. You can check the image below for reference-

Guide to Beat Zhang Liang, General of Man- How to Do

Once the boss lands an attack, there will be some time when you get the chance to hit him. Also, keep hitting him continuously. Once you defeat him during the first phase, the second phase of the fight will begin.

Even if you somehow survived the first phase, the second phase will be impossible to survive if your skills and not excellent. At the beginning of the second phase, during the cutscene, you’ll see the boss gets a demonic arm, and this time he will use this arm to grab and slam you on the ground, dealing loads of damage. This demonic hand can be spread to any distance, so better if you jump on the other side or hide behind something to avoid this attack. Once the boss grabs you, he will throw you from a great height.

Guide to Beat Zhang Liang, General of Man- How to Do

Another dangerous move he uses during the second phase is summoning the rocks from the ground. He can summon an entire row of rocks, and this move apparently seems impossible to deflect, but that’s not the case. If your timing is correct, you can deflect this move. He will also jump in the air and try to slam his demonic arm from there. Each of these attacks deals massive damage to players, so make sure you deflect these attacks at the proper time. Also, no matter what you do, keep hitting the boss whenever you get the chance. Once you defeat him during the second phase, you’ll win the fight.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It may take a few chances, but with proper strategies and skills, players can do it. Remember, if you die, you have to start the fight from the beginning.

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