How to Defeat the Green Huntsman in Salt and Sacrifice

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The Green Huntsman is a boss that you will come across last in Ashbourne Village. In this guide, we will see how to defeat him in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Defeat the Green Huntsman in Salt and Sacrifice

After defeating the 3 Named Mages, you will be able to unlock the door at Archridge District Obelisk, where you will meet the Green Huntsman in Valenight Square. Here we will see how to defeat him in Salt and Sacrifice.

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The Green Huntsman only has 3 main moves, and his primary choice of weapon happens to be his Axe and his Bow. Even though he has a small moveset, it is powerful enough to knock you down. Plus his agility and sneakiness will help put in some moves that you otherwise will be unaware of.

  • He is adept at swinging his ax down quickly, and will only increase in intensity if his health keeps dropping.
  • He will also leap forward and smash his ax on the ground. Roll under him to avoid it.
  • The Huntsman will draw out his bow to shoot arrows at you. These can be dodged with ease.
  • While he is swinging his ax, dodge and go through him to hit him on his back. Also, while he is readying his bow, leap and roll through the arrow to end up in front of him, where you can put in a hit.
  • During his faster ax swings after his health drops to 50%, you can roll forward during his second swing and place one hit on him. Be careful of doing this during his first swing, as he can turn and hit you.
  • You can only hit him once per attack since he is agile and quick enough to counter your attacks. You will have to rely on your roll and dodge timings to get close to him.

Once the Green Huntsman is defeated, you will get a variety of rewards, including 4,450 Salt, 700 Silver, two Ashpyrs, and one Incantation Bowl.

That’s all there is to know about the Green Huntsman and how to defeat him in Salt and Sacrifice. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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