How to Defeat Stone Golem in Valheim and Crystal Use

How to Defeat Stone Golem in Valheim and Crystal Use

The Stone Golem is a creature in Valheim you will encounter in the Mountain biome. It’s a hostile creature that appears like pile of rocks from afar, but when a player or other creatures approach, they wake up and attack. To summon the fourth boss the Moder, you will have to deal with the Stone Golem as they spawn right at the summoning ground. So, every player must know how to defeat Stone Golem in Valheim if they wish to progress with the story. While killing the Stone Golem can appear challenging at first, it’s quite manageable when you know certain tricks and weapons to use. Keep scrolling to know the tricks.

How to Beat Stone Golem in Valheim and What is the Crystal Used For

There are two types of Stone Golems that can spawn – one with boulder arms and the other spike arms. Regardless of the type, the strategy to kill them remains the same.

How to Defeat Stone Golem with Boulder Arms in Valheim

It’s crucial that you have a dependable armor before you start the fight with the Stone Golem. We suggest the Wolf Armor. The creature is mostly dormant, so unless you need to don’t disturb it by passing near it. As the Stone Golem is made of stones, you should use the best weapon to break stone i.e. the Pickaxe.

There are two types of attack that the creature uses, a single handed slam and a double handed slam. Ensure that you have the Silver Shield and Pickaxe when you take on the fight. As both are single-handed, you won’t have trouble equipping them both.

Valheim Stone Golem

Most of the fight strategy with the Stone Golem is based around dodge and attack. If you cannot dodge the one handed slam, which is a light attack with less damage and comes fast, you should use your Silver Shield. The second attack two handed slam is slow, but deals massive damage even with the shield in the way. You need to dodge it at all costs. After the second attack, when both arms of the beast is down, you have your opportunity to use the pickaxe on the side or back.

Keep repeating the above strategy and you will eventually kill or beat the Stone Golem.

How to Defeat Stone Golem with Spike Arms in Valheim

Both the Golems are quite distinct, while the Boulder Stone Golem uses melee attacks, the Spike Armed Stone Golem uses ranged attacks. You should have the same armor and weapons on you to beat the Spike Armed Golem as well.

This Golem also has two types of attacks, the first, he sprays stone spikes directly in front of him. The second, he sprays stone spikes in a 180 degree diameter. The first attack is fast, but deals less damage. The second attack is slow but deals more damage.

To defeat the Stone Golem with spike arms, the strategy remains the same, dodge the attacks and strike when you have the opportunity. Dodge or block the first attack. After the first attack, use your weapon. When the second attack starts which is slow, move to the back of the Golem and don’t come in way of the fire. Keep striking from the back. Continue with the strategy and you will be able to beat the Stone Golem.

What to Do with Crystal Drops from Stone Golem

After you have beaten the Stone Golem, he will drop various items such as Crystal, Stone, and Stone Golem Trophy. The Crystals can be used to make Crystal Walls.

There are quite a few items in the game that are available to players but the recipe is not implemented yet, other items include the Flamental Ore, and drops from the Final boss.     

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