How to Defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise

The monster Rajang is a large-sized and ultra-aggressive monster in Monster Hunter Rise which was first introduced in MH World’s Iceborne expansion. It is also known as Gold Lion. It may be encountered in several areas such as Snowy Mountains, Volcanoes, and the Gorge. Since it is a super-aggressive creature, it will not be easy for you to kill the Rajang in MH Rise. Here we give you the best tactics and skills so that it is not very complicated for you to take it down.

How to Defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise

The Rajang creature is very dangerous to defeat and so it is important to learn its attack patterns and weaknesses first.

Attack Patterns

– Ground Slam is one of the biggest attacks by Rajang and it is only used when he is enraged. Its shock waves have terrific power. You can avoid it by moving behind Rajang or rolling with the flow of the impact.

– Breath, where it will shoot a beam of light and we can attack it at that moment on its sides.

– Aerial Breath: It breathes out light beams in the air and it causes the Thunder Light effect.

– Double Lariats: It swings both of its arms and moves forward and the fifth and final swing will end with a ground slam that can cause tremors near you.

– Spinning Attack: It bends its upper body and spins. Avoid dodging to that side.

– Roar attack: It becomes furious and it can knock you down even you’re equipped with level-5 earplugs.


– Rajang is vulnerable to Ice attacks.

– Front legs, tail, and horns of Rajang are breakable that makes the clash a lot easier, and also it will reduce the beast’s dodging abilities. It is advisable to break its tail as early as possible so that it will help you to reduce its maneuverability.

Tips to beat the Rajang

– Before you start the battle, make sure to have thunder-resistant gear beforehand, so you can survive against the Rajang’s elemental effect attacks.

– First start the fighting with its arms and head as these both are its weak points when it is not aggressive. When it is enraged, it becomes golden and then aims for its tail and body.

– When the fight progresses, target on its head and tail as it will impose the most damages. Also, it will tougher for the Rajang to maneuver easily.

– Don’t be overconfident when it turns its back on you as it has a wide variety of attacking movements when it turns around, and it does it quite quickly.

– When its arms are loaded or hardened, it only attacks its body. Notice that the Rajang’s arms stiffen as the battle progresses. You must focus on its body when it has them hardened or you will not be able to advance in combat.

That’s all for the guide on how to defeat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise. Learn more about this newly launched game and become a pro player. Learn How to Get MH Rise Great Stoutbones in Monster Hunter Rise.

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