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How to Defeat Ooze Hive Boss in Tales of Arise

How to Defeat Ooze Hive Boss in Tales of Arise

One of the main parts of Tales of Arise is to defeat Bosses and there are several of them. One of the unique Zeugles boss enemies is Ooze Hive. To beat this giant and tough enemy, you have to be prepared with the right abilities and the proper strategies. Below we present you a complete guide on how to defeat Ooze Hive Boss in Tales of Arise.

How to Defeat Ooze Hive Boss in Tales of Arise

Following are the details of perfect strategies and skills you need to use to defeat Ooze Hive Boss efficiently in Tales of Arise.

1. Focus on its weak points

Ooze Hive boss is weak to Fire attacks so make sure to use Alphen’s Blazing Swords skills or Fire Attacks so that the battle can be easier. Execute combos while you lock on its tongue and eventually, you will achieve a core break. Once he downs, use all of your strongest attacks and Artes.

2. Eliminate his Spells with Rinwell

If Ooze Hive boss starts using spells, then you use Boost Attacks of Rinwell to eliminate it. It will interrupt his attacks as well as he will go down for a moment. At this moment, use your strongest attacks as much as possible.

3. Utilize Boost Strikes on Other Zeugles

Boss will call Ooze frequently for the intense attacks. Save Shionne and Alphen’s Boost Strikes for this point and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can also eliminate their spells using your Basic Attacks or Artes and knock them down.

That’s how you can Defeat Ooze Hive Boss in Tales of Arise.

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