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How to Defeat Lord Balseph in Tales of Arise

How to Defeat Lord Balseph in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise contains a violently different battle system from past entries and boss fights are really challenging. Lord Balseph is the major boss you will first encounter with. Since it is quite difficult to beat Lord Balseph in Tales of Arise, you should know about some of the tactics. Below is the complete guide on how to defeat Lord Balseph. Let’s check it out:

How to Defeat Lord Balseph in Tales of Arise

In order to defeat Lord Balseph, you need to know about certain strategies. Here we have gathered all of the strategies so that you can beat him easily.

Avoid getting hit by his charged attacks

Balseph is a very much powerful boss and offers many tough attacks. So try to avoid getting hit by attacks that he uses first as these attacks will take away a good amount of your HP if you will not dodge them.

Play as Alphen

Since Alphen is the best choice against Balseph, make sure to choose Alphen as your party member while fighting with this tough boss. He can control most of the fight. Also, make sure to keep Shionne on standby.

Watch out for the Fire Avatar

When your battle will enter into the second phase, you will see a Fire Avatar which will assist Balseph. It will throw Fireballs on your which will be draining your HP quickly if you won’t keep moving around to dodge those attacks.

Interrupt his collecting of energy

Now, Balseph will try to collect his energy to attack you. At this moment, you can interrupt whatever attacks you have. Keep attacking and don’t let Balseph collect energy. Once you leave him alone, he will start casting a very powerful attack which will be very tough to avoid. So, you can use Boost Attacks until the boss loses all of his health, and eventually, you will be able to defeat him successfully. Here is the next post – How to Unlock All Alphen Titles in Tales of Arise.

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