How to Beat Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush

Antara B
Antara B

Hi-Fi Rush is an excellent game with great animation and graphics. The visuals of the game are awesome; the boss fights are also unique because they have different rhythms. However, you can’t expect an action game without bosses; basically, it won’t be thrilling if there’s no boss fight. So, Hi-Fi Rush also has several powerful bosses to defeat, and Roquefort is one of them. He is the second last boss Chai and his team encounter. If you are struggling to defeat Roquefort, this guide will help you know the method to defeat him.

Tips to Fight Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat?

Hi-Fi Rush is the latest rhythm-based action game by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks. This game has tons of unique things to do, but the common thing that almost every action game covers are the boss fights, and Hi-Fi Rush is no exception.

In this game, players need to find USB Drives from each department head, and during this search, they encounter the bosses of the game, including Roquefort. Initially, Roquefort is a human, but as soon as the fight begins, he becomes a massive mechanical werewolf. The fight has three stages, and Chai has to fight this boss alone with only a little help from Macaron, Peppermint, and Korsica.

As the fight begins, Roquefort starts attacking Chai with his claws. Though there are a few more attacks he uses, the claw swing is the most frequent and dangerous. During this stage, stay close to the enemy and keep hitting him. Don’t be scared to see his massive health bar; it drains pretty fast as you attack. Use Special Attacks to deal additional damage. Additionally, you can use your grapple ability to stay close to him and attack him.

Tips to Fight Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat

As you drain 75% of Roquefort’s health, he will become human and starts running away with shields on. Chai’s attacks won’t take down his shields, so call Peppermint to help you out. Once the health bar goes empty, the next phase starts.

In the Next phase, Roquefort again becomes a werewolf and starts attacking Chai with his claw swing attack. Avoid them and keep attacking him to drain his health bar. This time, he will start throwing a tornado from his mouth (shown below), and Chai requires Korsica to help him out. During this stage, he keeps the same attacking strategy to wash out his health, and once 75% of his health is wiped away, Roquefort becomes a human.

Tips to Fight Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat

This time, when he becomes a human, he will create a red laser wall in front, and three machines attached to it will throw blue lasers on you while will wipe out massive health. The laser wall won’t constantly be there, so players need to use the chance to grapple them to Roquefort when the laser wall disappears. During this stage also, attacking will wash out massive health of Roquefort.

Tips to Fight Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat

 The third stage begins when you empty the enemy’s health bar during the second phase. This phase begins in a room full of gold coins, and Roquefort again becomes a werewolf. During this stage, Chai can call Macaron for help because his attacks deal huge damage. At one point, Roquefort starts disappearing under the gold coins and comes out randomly to attack Chai. Be careful and keep moving. Standing still will not help you this time.

However, once you defeat Roquefort this time, he will stand below a pipe, and as he starts attacking Chai, a massive pile of gold delivers and falls on him. It will be the end of the fight, and Chai will get the USB he is looking for.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Roquefort in Hi-Fi Rush.

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