Farthest Frontier

How to Defeat a Bear in Farthest Frontier

How to Defeat a Bear in Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier, you will have a whole town for yourself where you can build structures, farm and harvest raw materials. As you build your town from the ground up, you might come across some problems from the wilderness. You will need to face some deadly enemies as part of your duties in defending the town that you have created. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to kill a bear in Farthest Frontier.

How to Kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier

Bears are more powerful than wolves and will need quite a bit of manpower to take down. It’s not as easy as sending in a couple of Hunters and hoping for the best. You will need to treat Bear attacks with a little more finesse.

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The game has events such as bear attacks, and in the early stages, the best option is to sound the Town alarm and let the villagers converge. They will attempt to shoot the bear to death before it can wreak havoc. 

Once you have advanced a little into the game, you will be able to protect the town better on all sides by erecting Fences, Walls, and Lookout Towers. However, if you really want to kill a bear, you should call in your best villagers. You will need about 20.

Melee attacks are a good option for the bear because you need to overwhelm the powerful creature. The more villagers that you can employ, the quicker it goes down. There is no need for the bow and arrow on this mission, but brute force will do. 

Fight the bear with at least 20 of your best villagers in order to kill it. This is the best way to stop bear attacks from happening for a while, at least.

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