How to Customize Your Banner in Outriders

How to Customize Your Banner in Outriders

Much awaited game ‘Outrider’ is out now and it has a lot of customization features to unlock including your banner. In this game, you can easily customize the appearance of your characters, their vehicles, and their banners. Customization of banners and vehicles both work in the same manner. However, you can buy, discover, and unlock new designs which will be added to your banner or truck. The benefits of using banners at set points throughout the game are to facilitate fast travel to newly explored areas. They also help as checkpoints.

Here, you will learn how to customize your banner in Outriders

How to Customize your Banner in Outriders

Here is the step-by-step guide to customize your banner in Outriders.

1. Same as vehicle customization, you need to proceed a bit in the game to unlock the ability to customization of your banner. Follow the main story until you will reach the First City.

2. After reaching the First City, keep playing until you reach the First City Camp. Here you will meet Jakub and some other characters and they will give you side quests. 

3. Talk with Jakub but do not choose to progress with the story. Instead, you can ask him for the customization of your vehicle. It will also open the menu for the customization of your banners.

Customization Menu and Banner Screen guide

When you enter the Customization Menu, then you’ll see on the top right a yellow button to get your back to the ‘Hero Menu’. It is the above-described top menu bar navigation.

You will see 3 tabs with customizations:

1. Locked

2. Banner which you can customize

3. Emotes: Unlock several emotes to use in the game

Banner Screen

In the sub-menu of the banner, you will see 3 tabs:

1. Banner: In this, you can easily change the overall appearance of the frame which supports your banners as well as the shape of the cloth piece.

2. Painting: It allows you to edit the background format and style of the banner.

3. Sigil: You can also change the Sigil on the banner. First, it will be Outriders Logo by default but it will have much cooler logos later after unlocking.

Initially, these are locked and when you’ll unlock them, you will see them on your Accolades page. You need to play the game, earn accolades, and complete achievements/challenges – These are the only gateway to the customizations.

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