How to Create Fireworks in Valheim

Surtling Cores are not easy to come by in Valheim unless you have found the Ashlands biome. However, if you have enough of them to spare besides the portals, you can make fireworks using them. Making fireworks in the game is quite straightforward and the best time to do it is at night. It just makes the night-sky of Valheim with the ancient trees all the more fascinating. We do not know who came up with the idea, but it must be an accident. Stick with us and we will tell you how to create fireworks in Valheim.

How to Make Fireworks in Valheim

To make fireworks in Valheim, you don’t need much. You require at least one Surtling Core which can be found in the Dungeons at the initial stage of the game and a source of fire such as a heath, campfire, or bonfire.

The Surtling Core is a must and can be found at various places in the game. If you are in a later stage and have stumbled across the Ashlands biome, it inhabits just one creature Surtlings and they are everywhere in the biome. After you kill a Surtling, it will drop the Core, so for players who have access to the Ashlands biome, you will have more cores than you require and can easily use it for creating fireworks.

If you are in the first few biomes, there are still various places to get the rare item in the game. Beside the Ashlands, the Surtlings can also spawn in the Swamp biome near Runestones and Fire geysers. Other places to get the core is from random chests and in dungeons. In this guide, we have shared tips to make Surtling Farm, so you can go through that article as well.

After you have the fire ready and spare Surtling Cores, place it to the hot bar and use on a lit fire. Soon after you will see the text, “You throw some Surtling Core into the fire.” A light would streak on to the sky, keep looking at the Valheim sky and you would see the wonderful effects of fireworks with colours and sparkle.

It won’t last more than a few seconds, you can repeat the process as long as you have spare Surtlings to create fireworks in Valheim.   

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