How to Create and Upload A Photo To WWE 2K23 – Create-A-Wrestler Face Photo

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

The improved and overhauled character maker will give you the best opportunity to have your image appear in WWE 2K23 if you want to compete against Cody Rhodes or Roman Reigns. Let’s get started and discover the simplest method to make the miracle happen because the procedure to transfer your face and likeness can occasionally be a bit confusing. Creating yourself is more important than ever, whether you want to pit Kevin James against Otis or yourself against the Superstars.

How to Create and Upload A Photo To WWE 2K23 – Create-A-Wrestler Face Photo


Grab your preferred mobile device and capture this QR Code to have the option of connecting your WWE 2K23 account to your smartphone or computer as your first step. You’ll be prompted to submit a photo of your choice after selecting the device on which you’ll be playing. 

To achieve the best-imported superstar appearance, using a different app, like FaceApp, to make a professional picture might be the best option. However, you can also use a simple selfie that you can edit to your preferences. If you want the finest outcomes, take off any eyeglasses you might be wearing and remove any facial hair.

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You’ll need to launch WWE 2K23, navigate to the Online Menu, and choose Community Creations once this is finished and submitted. You’ll find a choice called Image Manager in this section. You can start constructing your superstar or even your own unique icons for using in the arena by clicking on this option, which will give you the option to incorporate recent photographs into the game.

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Go to Creations and choose your preferred selection. We’ll choose a Superstar for this illustration in order to get a better idea of the kind of wrestler we want to be. Once this is done, choose Face and Face Photo Capture to upload your new wrestler onto Create A Wrestler and customize it to appear exactly how you want it to. Select the Downloaded choice to locate all of your works, then start creating the upcoming WWE Superstar!

You are now prepared to make an impression in the MyRise game or test your mettle against the best WWE competitors. The CAW System has never been stronger in the franchise’s past thanks to enhanced face textures and a wide range of other customization choices.

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