How to Create a Character in Hogwarts Legacy

Mycle Ahir
Mycle Ahir

When it comes to role-playing games, character creation is often one of the most important and exciting aspects. And that holds true for Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Players will have the opportunity to create their own unique characters and embark on their own magical journey at Hogwarts. In this guide, we’ll be taking a detailed look at the character creation process in Hogwarts Legacy, from the initial presets to the various customization options available.

Character Creator Hogwarts Legacy

When players first start the character creator, they will be prompted to select a preset character. This preset character will serve as the starting point for the player’s character, and it includes options for gender, skin color, and hair length and color. Once the preset character is selected, players can then begin to tweak and customize their character’s appearance.

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Change Face Shape

One of the first things players can adjust is the face shape of their character. There are fifteen different face shape options to choose from, and players can adjust the shape of their character’s face to make it look exactly how they want. Players can also select their character’s skin color, which can be adjusted to match any desired shade.


Another important aspect is hairstyles. Players can select from a variety of hairstyles, including long hair, short hair, and wavy hair. They can also adjust the color of their character’s hair to match their preferred shade.

Add Freckles and Moles

In addition to hair and skin color, players can also adjust their character’s complexion. This allows players to add details such as freckles and moles to their character’s skin, as well as adjust the overall complexion of their character. Players can also add scars or facial markings to their character, which can give them a unique and personalized appearance.

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One unique feature is the option to add glasses to your character. There are several different styles of glasses to choose from, including circular, half-moon, and hexagon shapes. Players will also be able to unlock even more glasses as they play through the game.

Once players have finished customizing their character’s appearance, they can finalize their creation by selecting a voice, giving them a name, and then choosing between the Witch and Wizard dormitories. This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game and create a character that truly feels like their own.

With a wide range of options to choose from, players can create a unique and personalized character that they will enjoy playing throughout the game. Whether you want to create a character that looks like yourself or a fantasy character you’ve always imagined, the character creator in Hogwarts Legacy offers endless possibilities.

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