How to Craft Weapons and Armor in Biomutant

Biomutant allows you to craft 200 million possible combinations of ranged weapons. This is probably the most distinct USP of the game compared to other RPGs. In the game you can craft a range of armor and weapons using the materials you collect from the world or by dismantling existing equipment. Everything you find in the Biomutant world has a possibility to be added as enhancement to a weapon. If you are wondering how to craft weapons and armor in Biomutant, keep reading this post.

How to Craft New Weapons and Armor in Biomutant

To craft weapons and armor in Biomutant, you need to go the Gear menu from the Main Menu. In the Gear menu, there is the craft tab that allows you to craft new weapons and armor. But, before you start crafting you need to have the required materials. The materials for crafting weapons and armor are plentiful in the game.

Right off the bat, you will start to find a range of items. Some of these items you find are weapon and armor parts that can be used to craft new weapons or modify the existing one.

As for weapons, you can choose to create a new weapon or modify the existing one. Choosing to modify existing weapon would save you resources. The craft mechanics does not allow you to make new weapons from scratch. You have to upgrade the existing gear.

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