How to Craft Torch in Grounded

How to Craft Torch in Grounded

An Xbox exclusive game, Grounded is released in early access for players. As with most survival games, you have to craft a lot of materials in order to survive. The torch is one of the most essential. When you are small in a big world, things are difficult as they are, but darkness can make thigs worst. Hence, you need to make a torch in the early stages of the game. Stick around and we will show you how to craft a torch in Grounded.

How to Craft Torch in Grounded

To make torch in Grounded you need items such as 2 Woven Fiber, 2 Sprig, 1 Sap, and 3 Dry Glass Chunks. Most items in the game are easy to come by. Here is how you can obtain the various items to craft the Torch.

The sprig is a plant that’s single steamed, medium sized, and has small leaves on the top. You can find them on the ground as you explore the vastness of the game.

Sap on the other hand appears on trees. They are small yellow blobs. The best place to find Sap in Grounded in on fallen twigs or branches.

The Woven Fiber is not a resource you can directly pick from the ground or anywhere else, instead you have to make it from Plant Fiber using the Analyzer. The Plant Fiber can be found on the ground, which has to be analyzed by the Analyzer. This will unlock the recipe for Woven Fiber. Once you have the recipe, you can craft the item in the Materials tab from the Crafting Menu.

The last item we require to make Torch in Grounded is the Dry Grass Chunk. For this you require the Chopping Tool as the Dry Glass Chunk are large, pale, yellow that stick out of the ground and has to be broken with the Chopping Tool in smaller manageable sizes.

Once you have gathered all the items, you can use the Crafting Menu to craft or make Torch in Grounded.