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How to Craft Items in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

How To Craft Items In Monster Hunter Rise

Besides the weapons, you can bring a lot of other items to a fight with the monsters. These items can range from healing items, offensive items, ammo coatings, etc. or special items effective against select monsters. But, to balance the fight, the game allows you to only carry a certain amount of items when out in the open. While the game limits the items you can carry on you, there is a way to create items while travelling the world and that’s where Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) crafting mechanics come to play. Here is a basic rundown on how to craft items in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Craft Items in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlike several other games released recently, the crafting mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise is quite straightforward. Once you open the crafting menu, you will be able to all the craft-able item in the game, but can only craft the items you have the resource. From the menu, you can also view the resources required to craft an item, with descriptions.

Monster Hunter Rise does an incredible job at easing the mechanics for players. The game also includes the Auto-Craft option that’s indicated by a box before each item. If you check the box, the item will be auto crafted once you acquire the resources. You can use this mechanics for item you craft regularly or know you will always need such as healing items.

Crafting Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

To craft in Monster Hunter Rise, simply hit the Plus (+) button to open the Menu and then go to the Crafting List. Select the item you want to craft and if you have the resources, it will immediately be added to Inventory.

However, be strategic and think over before auto-selecting to craft any item in the game as resources as still precious and a single resource may be required for several items.

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