How to Craft in Forspoken

 How to Craft in Forspoken

Like most RPG games, Forspoken also allows crafting, and Frey can craft various equipment to help her on her journey. You can unlock crafting quite early in the game, after visiting a certain area. You will also need to find a place to craft items, and they are only available at certain locations. Here we will see how to craft and everything there is to know about crafting in Forspoken.

How to Craft in Forspoken

Once you unlock the crafting mechanism, you can use the materials you have gathered to craft gear and weapons. Here we will see how crafting works in Forspoken.

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To start crafting, you need to find a crafting bench. You will find your first crafting bench in the City of Cipal, which is also the first area where you will explore. You don’t have to progress too far into the game to find the crafting bench, as you will be led to it after meeting Olevia. Another way to craft items is by setting up camp and creating a workbench there, but this will take a while as you can only set up camp a little later into the game.

Before you can start crafting, you need to find sufficient crafting materials to create the item. You will usually get these materials while scavenging in the wild or going through villages, but if you are looking for something specific, you can use the Cuff ability to highlight all the collectible items that can be picked up. If you are unsure what items you need for crafting something particular, you can head over to your workbench and interact with it. Two options will pop up, one for crafting and one for upgrades. Select the crafting menu and scroll through the items on the list. Select the one you are looking for and it will show you what materials are needed, including how much of it you currently own.

You can also get items as rewards for completing quests, and you can also find them in chests, so these are some ways you can get your materials. Through this method, you will also bump into an item called Old Coins, which can be used to unlock more crafting recipes. You just have to head over to the Book Shop and purchase books using Old Coins to get more recipes.

That’s all there is to know about crafting in Forspoken. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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