How to Craft in Apex Legends Season 6 | Crafting Guide

Apex Legends Season 6 is upon us set to be released on the 18th Aug. There is a possibility of an entirely new map, Rampant – the new legend, boosted battle pass, Volt the new weapon, and a confirmed new crafting system. The description of the new crafting system on the official website reads, “Don’t like your gear? Collect materials around the map and build something better!” Unlike earlier seasons, where you had to hunt for weapons, you can now craft your own by collecting resources around the map.

Although the crafting has been a part of the game in previous seasons, the Season 6 introduces new mechanics and crafting won’t be about building cosmetics and emotes. Stick around and we will share how to craft in Apex Legends Season 6 using the new crafting system.

Apex Legends Season 6 Crafting Guide | How Crafting Works?

A device called the ‘Replicator’ is central to the new crafting system. With the new device, players can use the materials collected on the map and use to craft a range of items and upgrade existing items such as weapons. The amount of resource you have limits the ability to craft. We now have a glimpse of the Replicator menu and a little insight as to what can be crafted. Here are the items you can craft using the Replicator in Season 6 Apex Legends.

  • Shotgun Shells – 5 Materials (Weapon Fit)
  • Med Kit – 20 Materials (Permanent)
  • Extended Energy Mags – 25 Materials (Daily)
  • Knockdown Shield – 30 Materials (Weekly)
  • Turbocharger – 35 Materials (Daily)
  • Devotion LMG – 40 Materials (Daily)
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon – 50 Materials (Weekly)
Apex-Legends Replicator Crafting Tool

As it appears on the above image from the official trailer of Season 6, the items seem to bare a time stamp. Some are permanent and available always. While, some others will rotate on a daily or weekly basis.

How to Get Crafting Materials for the Replicator in Apex Legends Season 6

Unlike other games that have the crafting mechanism, in Apex Legend there aren’t several resources, instead just one that you can find on the map. And it’s called ‘Materials.’ Since the game is yet to be released, we can only guess from the trailer how players can acquire the Materials. From what we know so far, Materials are found on the map and players can harvest them.

So, players will have to locate the stations with Materials, harvest them, and use it for crafting though the Replicator. Here is the official Season 6 trailer.

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