How to Craft Better Equipment in Rust

How to Craft Better Equipment in Rust

In a game, where survival is central and everything revolves around it, crafting plays a crucial role. Knowing how to craft different things makes survival just a little easier. Besides the basics of survival, you can also craft equipment that’s comes handy when you are face to face with other players. It’s even truer when the server is packed with players.

When it comes to crafting in Rust, two items – the Workbench and Furnace – are most important. They will allow you to craft better equipment or gear. Stick with us in this guide and we will show you how to craft better equipment in Rust.

How to Craft Better Equipment in Rust

Like most games out there, the tools and gear you start the game with are of basic standard and not ideal as you progress further in the game. They are not durable and there are better equipment that can perform the job more efficiently. With the basic items, which can break, survival becomes hard, so you’d want the best gear and tools possible to enhance your possibility of making it longer in the game.

Blueprints in Rust allow you to craft high-quality equipment. They are shorts of recipe to make equipment. You can find them scattered all around the map. Be sure to check chests and barrels as they may contain blueprints.

Besides the blueprint, you should always keep a notice of any gear you may find in the game. If you don’t have the blueprint of the tool or weapon, take the item to the base and using the Workbench you can create a blueprint. Once you have the blueprint, you can then craft the equipment.

Before you even begin to start crafting in Rust, you would want to have the Workbench and Furnace. The Workbench in Rust comes in three tiers, the higher the tier the more complicated blueprints you can work with. The Basic or Tier 1 Workbench cost 50 Scrap, 100 Metal Fragments, and 500 Wood. The Furnace can be used to make Sulphur, Metal Fragments, and Charcoal that can be used in the Workbench to make weapons. You require 50 Low-Grade Fuel, 100 Wood, and 200 Stones to make the Basic Furnace.

Once you have acquired the Workbench, Furnace, and Blueprint of the gear or tool you want to create, you can easily craft better equipment in Rust. Check out the game category for more helpful guides to boost the performance of Rust and get better FPS.   

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