How to Craft and Upgrade Oobcoop in Ooblets

After the first few hours getting accustomed to life in Badgetown and the various things it has to offer, you need to start building Oobcoop for the Ooblet you currently have and the one’s you win in dance battles. Oobcoops are homes for Ooblets. In this guide, we will show you how to craft Oobcoops in Ooblets and how to upgrade them to look fancy.

How to Make Oobcoops in Ooblets

To make the Oobcoop, you require a Fabricator, the blueprint of the Oobcoop, 3 Clothlet, 15 Nurny, 10 Planklets, and 1 Oobsidian. If you have not upgraded the houses, chances are you do not have a Fabricator. You can still use one at Manatwee. Follow the link to make items from blueprints. You can get the blueprint from the Wishie Well. Once you have the blueprint it’s accessible via the character menu. The basic or the level one Oobcoop cost 100 wishes. You can participate in the battle in the dance bar. And if you win all three rounds, you get 170 wishes.

Once you have the blueprint, head to the Fabricator at Manatwee. Interact with it and a menu of all the blueprints you have unlocked in the game will appear. You will see a new blueprint of the coop. Select it and the coop will appear in your inventory.

Now that you have the coop, you would want to place it on the farm. You can choose any place you deem suitable for the Oobcoop. Just make sure that it does not interfere with your farming. You can get inside the coop and assign the place to the Ooblet. When you are out and the Ooblets that are not following you can hand out here and help in tasks. With the coop, the Ooblets can help with the odd jobs on the farm like watering, removing twigs, weeds, and stones.

How to Upgrade an Oobcoop in Ooblets

The level one coop can house a maximum of one Ooblet, but you can upgrade the Oobcoop up to level 4. Each upgrade allows you to house an additional Ooblet and it also comes with bonuses. However, you don’t need the Fabricator to upgrade the Oobcoop. You can go to the Wishie menu and purchase the new blueprint for an additional cost of 100 wishes for each upgrade. Here is what you get with each level of Oobcoop.

  • Level 1 Oobcoop: house 1 Ooblet,  5% growth increase to nearby crops
  • Level 2 Oobcoop: house 2 Ooblets, 10% growth increase to nearby crops
  • Level 3 Oobcoop: house 3 Ooblets, 20% growth increase to nearby crops
  • Level 4 Oobcoop: house 4 Ooblets, 40% growth increase to nearby crops

Once you upgrade the coop to level 4, you can store 3 seeds in the Oobcoop for the Ooblets to plant own their own.    

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