How to Craft a Tent in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror video game from Endnight Games, published by Newnight Entertainment. A sequel to the 2014 video game The Forest, Sons of the Forest, finds players trapped on an unknown island after a crash landing.

As you progress in Sons of the Forest, you will be able to craft several items, but there are also quite a few that you can unlock along the way. Crafting is pretty easy to get started in Sons of the Forest since you only need a few resources to get started. In order to collect some of the items, you will need to loot crates, suitcases, and chests around the island. As soon as you have all your ingredients and resources, you will need to open up your inventory and either combine them or use the Quick Crafting Guide Book.

Let’s see in this guide how to craft a tent in the Sons of the Forest.

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How to Craft a Tent in Sons of the Forest?

To craft a tent in Sons of the Forest, you will need the following items:

  • 1x Tarp: You can find it by opening every suitcase and crate around your spawn point.
  • 1x Stick: Sticks are found near trees and shrubs, and you can also chop down shrubs, bushes, and plants for Sticks with your Axe.
How to Craft a Tent in Sons of the Forest

Once you have the required resources to craft a tent in Sons of the Forest, press “I” and open your inventory. Click on the Tarp in your inventory to equip it. In order to set up your Tent Shelter, you’ll need a flat surface. Left-click to place the Tarp flat on the ground. 

How to Craft a Tent in Sons of the Forest

You will then need to look down at one corner of the Tarp until you see a white arrow marker appear. Left-click on the arrow marker to place a Stick under the Tarp, making the Tarp a Shelter Tent. It is possible to prop the other side up if you wish, but it really does not make a difference to the game.

How to Craft a Tent in Sons of the Forest

After you have built your shelter, you can save your game by pressing E, or you can sleep by pressing Z.

This concludes our guide on how to craft a tent in Sons of the Forest. Keep checking our other guides for more updates on the game. 

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